Completed Projects



Lilomi fundraises and supports an orphanage and school called Jonathan's Child Care (JCC) in Bo, Sierra Leone. The children there are the inspiration for the establishment of our charity.  Our projects are aimed at the development of this amazing reunification centre, school and local community.

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                      TOILET UPGRADE AT JCC                      BO, SIERRA LEONE

In May 2021 JCC completed the building of the new toilet blocks. The children and staff of the school now enjoy clean and hygienic toilets. With one block for the upper primary and secondary schools and one for the kindergarten.


The toilets have had a great impact on the school. Intake of girls sharply increased this academic year and they told us themselves that the clean, private toilets were a large part of the reason they chose the school.

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Reference Library 


Sometime we take for granted how much reading material we have around us and that our children have access to. Imagine that your children's school has no books, no textbooks, no storybooks, magazines, newspapers, comics and or computers. 

When imparting knowledge to the children, teachers write on the blackboard and the children copy these lesson notes into their books. 

Lilomi has provided a library of storybooks for the JCC school and orphanage and has donated the textbooks for the entire curriculum. The children now have access to all of the information required for their school curriculum and a world of stories for them to widen their horizons.

In the future we want to expand the reference library with a computer lab with a bank of offline websites through a technology called RACHEL. This will mean that where internet connectivity is difficult and expensive the children of JCC will still have a world of information and stories opened up to them.


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Science Laboratory Equipment

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In 2019 Lilomi provided funds for JCC to buy some lab equipment so that teachers could begin to teach sciences practically as well as theoretically. The small amount of material we provided have made such a difference to the children which has been reflected in the 2019 BECE (GCSE equivalent) grades for sciences. In light of this Lilomi is starting to plan fundraising to build an actual science lab as part of a bigger project to turn the school into a centre for excellence in science and mathematics

2020 and COVID~19

Whilst Sierra Leone were not affected to the same extent as the rest of the world in 2020, all schools were closed by government decree for seven months. This meant that the teachers were going to have to go without pay for that time. Lilomi stepped in and helped JCC pay their 25 teachers for this period, this meant that 25 families continue to have an income at this really difficult time. The teachers were also engaged to check on the children and to plan out the school syllabus to accommodate the lost lesson time.

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